I have always had a creative side since being a child. There has always been a need there to try something different or to go for the bolder option.

This didn’t change as I got older …as like most careers, I ended up falling into it. Fresh out of University, I thought I wanted to go into the media/ advertising world. There I was living in London realising how wrong I was! I quit my job and focused my heart on what I had always dreamed of … the automotive industry! I did not just want ANY automotive company though, I had set my sights on Aston Martin Lagonda Ltd.

I got knocked back at the assessment day but it was suggested that I may be suited to a position in their Design Studio (Due to my somewhat controversial opinions!) It was within this industry that the creative world really opened my eyes and I met some extremely talented individuals!

I am still following my dreams of working for another luxury automotive brand up in Crewe, however I have realised there is still one more dream that I need to follow … that is my love for interior design.

My love is taking a blank canvas and transforming it into a space that suits the building, individual taste, personality but most of all a SPACE THAT PUSHES THE BOUNDARIES.

I live for quality.

Over the years I have put up with most calling this “Particular” even “OCD” my description of this desire for quality is … FASTIDIOUS.